Diwali Snacks & Sweets Recipes With Pictures Step by Step

Diwali Snacks Recipes – Diwali Sweets Recipes With Pictures Step by Step – Dear friends you are a girl or women and searching Diwali Snacks Recipes & Diwali Sweets Recipes on internet. So dear friends your search end here after reaching this article because we are updating Diwali Sweets Recipes & Diwali Snacks Recipes with pictures step by step. Below you can check.


Diwali Sweets And Snacks Name

Kaju katli – regulated formula with tips.

Rasgulla – delicate and elastic milk based sweet absorbed sugar syrup. a standout amongst the most well known indian sweet.

Gulab jamun – made with milk powder. you can likewise check this simple gulab jamun formula made with khoya.

Kala jamun – simple jamun made with khoya and paneer.

Sookha gulab jamun – dry gulab jamuns made with khoya (vanished milk solids) and paneer.

Kalakand – clammy, granular two fixing kalakand formula in 15 minutes. made with paneer and sweetened consolidated milk.

Shahi tukra – rich, imperial mughali treat of browned sugar syrup covered bread finished and drenched with fragrant velvety sweet thickened milk or rabri and decorated with dry natural products.

Malpua – well known indian sweet of browned feathery hotcakes plunged in sugar syrup and presented with rabdi or sweetened thickened milk.

Rabri – a customary indian sweet of thickened sweetened milk with layers of cream. otherwise called lachha rabri in hindi.

Rasmalai – curds balls absorbed thickened, sweetened and enhanced milk. a mainstream indian sweet.

Diwali Sweets Online

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Diwali Sweets Pictures






Diwali Sweets Recipes


Rasgulla Recipe – take milk in a container and keep it to bubble on a low to medium fire. i utilized natural dairy animals milk which does not have much fat. on the off chance that you utilize wild ox milk, it has a lot of fat and makes a thick layer of malai/cream skimming on top. you need to expel the thick layer of malai, before you continue with the making of chenna.

so when the milk is warming up, line a strainer or dish with a cheddar fabric or muslin.

continue blending the milk at interims so that the foam is not framed on top and the base does not get carmelized or the milk solids get adhered to the base.

at the point when the milk reaches boiling point, then diminish the fire to its least. add 1 to 3 tbsp lemon juice. to start with include 1 tbsp lemon squeeze and blend. on the off chance that the milk has not soured totally, then include 1 tbsp more. keep the lemon juice convenient with you. contingent upon the nature of milk, you may need to add 1 to 3 tbsp of lemon juice. mix in the wake of including the lemon juice. here and there i have included 1 tbsp lemon juice and the milk has coagulated and some of the time i expected to include 3 tbsp as well. vinegar additionally can be included rather than lemon juice. another alternative is curd/yogurt. add 4 to 5 tbsp of yogurt or increasingly if required. with yogurt you don’t have to wash the chenna in water later.

when the milk turns sour, switch off the fire. the milk ought to turn sour totally with the green watery whey. in the event that the milk does not sour, then add ½ to 1 tbsp of lemon squeeze more.

presently pour the coagulated milk in the cheddar fabric/muslin lined strainer or dish.

assemble the muslin from the sides and wash the chenna or coagulated drain exceptionally well in running water. this cuts down the temperature of chenna and additionally evacuates the lemony flavor and tart taste from the chenna.

presently crush the muslin with your hands exceptionally well, so overabundance water is depleted from the chenna. keep in mind there ought not be overabundance water or dampness in the chenna as then the rasgullas will break when cooking.

place an overwhelming weight on the chenna for 7 to 8 minutes. you can likewise hang the chenna for around 30 minutes.

setting up the rasgulla balls:

following 7 to 8 minutes, expel the cheesecloth from the chenna. note that the chenna ought not have a lot of dampness nor be excessively dry.

include 1 tsp sooji or rava or semolina. you can likewise include generally useful flour/maida. adding both of them ties the blend. for a gluten free alternative, include corn starch rather than semolina or generally useful flour.

in the first place blend the sooji with chenna and after that start to work.

with the heels of your palms crush the chenna and ply. continue gathering the chenna from the sides and proceed to squash and ply. this plying procedure is critical furthermore chooses the surface of chenna. when you feel your palms turning into somewhat oily, its opportunity to stop. a tad of oiliness is required. abstain from manipulating to a degree where the entire chenna gets to be oily. i worked for around 10 minutes as i have light hands. so relying upon the nature of chenna and the weight you apply while massaging, you can take pretty much time. note that the chenna ought to simply start to get oily.

manipulate to a smooth chunk of chenna.

presently squeeze little divides from the chenna and move them between your palms to a smooth round ball.

set all up little balls along these lines. cover all the chenna balls with a clammy muslin or kitchen towel and keep aside.

planning sugar syrup for rasgulla:

in a vast dish, take 2 containers sugar and 4 mugs water. you need to utilize a substantial pot or container so that there is sufficient space for the rasgullas to cook and increment in size. you can likewise utilize a weight cooker. i utilized a dish measuring 8.5 inches in distance across and 4.5 in tallness. a 3.4 liter stainless steel dish.

keep this dish on stove top and warmth the sugar arrangement. blend so that the sugar breaks down. i cooked massaged the chenna and cooked the sugar syrup all the while. you can likewise do along these lines.

include 1 tbsp drain and blend. including milk helps in expelling polluting influences. on the off chance that there are no polluting influences then you don’t have to add milk and straightforwardly continue to step 25

once the sugar arrangement gets to be hot, the polluting influences start to drift on the top. you can either evacuate it with a spoon. then again strain the polluting influences in a cheddar material/muslin lined strainer.

presently from the refined sugar arrangement, save ½ glass in a container or mug. this ½ measure of sugar arrangement we will add to the cooking rasgullas.

hold another 1 measure of the sugar arrangement in a serving dish.

cooking rasgullas:

whatever remains of the 2.5 measures of sugar arrangement you add it back to the extensive skillet and heat it to the point of boiling on a medium high fire.

slid the rasgullas delicately into the sugar arrangement.

when all the rasgullas have been added to the sugar arrangement, shake the skillet. try not to mix the rasgullas with a spoon. just delicately shake the skillet.

cover promptly with a top and let the rasgullas cook. keep the fire to a medium or medium high.

following 4 minutes, open the top and include ¼ measure of the saved sugar arrangement. shake the container. including this saved sugar arrangement guarantees that the temperature and consistency of the sugar arrangement is kept up and the sugar does not cook to its string textures.

cover again and keep on cooking.

following 4 minutes, again include ¼ measure of the saved sugar arrangement. spread and again cook for 2 minutes. i cooked for 10 minutes. the planning will change contingent upon the thickness and nature of container, the profundity of the skillet and fire power.

to check the doneness of rasgullas:

there are two ways. in front of the pack the rasgulla in a dish some water. on the off chance that the rasgulla sinks to the base its cooked. second technique is to press a little parcel of the rasgulla with your finger. on the off chance that the squeezed segment skips back to its unique shape, its cooked

once the rasgullas are cooked, switch off the fire and hold the container down.

presently bring each rasgulla with a spoon and place it in the dish containing the 1 measure of sugar arrangement. cover and keep aside.

let the sugar arrangement in which the rasgullas were cooked, turned out to be warm. at that point add this to the serving dish containing the rasgullas.

once the entire blend has chilled off, add 1 to 2 tbsp rose water. in the event that you don’t have rose water you can likewise kewra water (pandanus remove) or ½ tsp cardamom powder. blend tenderly and permit the rasgullas to be absorbed the sugar syrup for 30 minutes.

you can serve the rasgullas now or refrigerate them and serve later.


  1. extra syrup can be utilized to make nimbu pani (lemonade). you can likewise add it to shikanjvi or organic product juices or while making cakes.

Diwali Snacks Recipes


Mathri Recipe –

Take generally useful flour, sooji, ajwain and salt in a dish.

Blend well.

At that point include oil.

Blend it by rubbing between your thumb and fingers till everything is consolidated well. It ought to be look like bread morsels and on the off chance that you squeeze it into your palm, it will meet up like a brittle batter.

Make tight and hardened mixture by including next to no water at once. I have utilized just 4 ½ tablespoons of water. Spread the batter and let it rest for 15 minutes.

While the mixture is resting, take peppercorns in mortar and pestle. Pound them just on more than one occasion. They ought to be squashed into half. We require enormous pieces, not powder.

In the wake of resting time work it by and by. Isolate it into 15 approach segments. Make smooth balls and level it somewhat between your palm.

Presently move it into 2 to 2 ½ inch distance across circle. It ought to be thick (not thin like masala puri)

Presently take 3 bits of peppercorns and organize them on mathri.

Presently utilizing moving pin move once again, so it squeezed inside the mathri. So it won’t drop out while singing.

Presently utilizing fork, prick everywhere throughout the surface, flip it and prick opposite side too. This keeps from puffing while the broiling procedure.

Do same with rest of the balls. When you have enough mathris moved for one clump, warm the oil for profound fricasseeing in dish on low-medium warmth. So while first clump is browning, roll the second group. so do both occupations at the same time.

The temperature of the oil ought to be low to medium. Oil ought not be hot like we make while singing pakora. It ought to be simply hot. How to check the oil is at right temperature? take little bit of mixture, include into the oil. The mixture will stay at the base for quite a while, following few moments the batter will go ahead top. Importance oil is prepared for drying.

Slide few mathris in the hot oil. Amid the singing procedure keep up the oil temperature by alter the gas heat. Oil the temperature of oil drops then it will douse up more oil. In the event that temperature of oil builds then they will get brilliant shading quick and inside stays crude.

You require flip them so as to cook from both sides. As they are browned and cooked they will begin to coast on top. Furthermore, they will get light brilliant shading. One clump takes around 7-8 minutes for fricasseeing. So be patient and broil on low-medium hot oil. Channel the abundance oil and expel them utilizing opened spatula.

Keep them in the paper towel lined plate. As it cools, it gets more fresh and will turn out to be marginally darker in shading.

Broil rest of them. Give them a chance to chill off totally before serving or putting away in compartment.




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