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Bhai Dooj Images Download HD

As a matter of first importance Happy Bhai Dooj 2015. This year Bhai Dooj is going to celebrate on thirteenth of November, 2015. Bhai Dooj otherwise called Bhai Phota (In Bengal), Bhai Bij, Bhau-Beej or Bhav Bij (In Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Karnataka), Bhai Tika and Bhai Teeka (In Nepal), Bhathru Dwitiya,Bhartri Ditya or Yama Dwitiya. Bhai Dooj is celebrates in all over India with various nearby names.

Bhai Dooj HD Wallpapers Free Download

Bhai Dooj celebration speaks to the adoration, well wishes, assurance and consideration of sister from her brother. On this day sisters arranged a puja thali before start of the Bhai Dooj function. At that point a tika is readied which is made with shoe, kumkum or vermilion, and a couple rice grains. Sisters put the tika on her brother’s temple. Amid this service they sing a Bhai Dooj mantra.

“Bhratus Tabaa Grajaataaham, Bhunksa Bhaktamidam
Shuvam Preetaye Yama Raajasya Yamunaah Visheshatah.”

Consequently brother gives some exceptional displays and guarantee to ensure his sister for the duration of her life.

Bhai Dooj HD Pictures Free Download

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Bhai Dooj Photos Free Download

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